About Us

Establishment of WELLCH

     The corporate structure of WELLCH, inc. is Located in New York City. WELLCH, inc. is made up of Research & Development, Production and Marketing, with a convergence of talent in each field. We are one of the first company to combine Chinese medicine and Western medicine to formulate highly effective nutritional supplements. This unique approach to combining two different types of traditional medicines with modern day science results in supplement products that function nearly perfectly. Our professional team consisting of medical experts, nutritionists, top scientists and senior practitioners, that are combining western and eastern herbs to develop a generation of remarkable effectiveness of health products. We regard the effectiveness of our products is guaranteed safe. The performance and reliability of our products has helped us earn our reputation and our consumer satisfaction.   


  Quality and Safety are always our priority conception. We Never allow adulteration and fraud happen of our products. Our customer service professionals provide customers with convenient and comprehensive after-sales service : 24 hours expert online advice , Facebook, Twitter, micro-letters , Blog platforms to help customer solve any requirements and difficult problems. We also provide convenient and safe online shop. The performance and reliability of our products and services help us earn our reputation and our consumer satisfaction and create your most trusted company.